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Sports Massage With Antony 

£38 for 30 minutes

£48 for 45 minutes

£57 for 60 minutes 

Our sports massage is beneficial for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage that really targets the muscles. It is invaluable to athletes who are in need of pre and post-event work to loosen, repair and refresh sore limbs. However, it is also beneficial for office workers, who spend long periods of time sat in the same position and people who carry out repetitive tasks.


This massage can restore stiff, sore muscles allowing for movement that is free of pain and discomfort. It can help as physiotherapy and assist in improving your posture.

Please be aware that this is a very intense massage, designed to fully target your muscles. As a result, you may experience some soreness and discomfort during your massage as well as some soreness for a few days afterwards. However, this is part of the treatment which is designed to help your muscles heal.

To add to our fully-trained team, we have recently taken on Antony, a Sports Therapist and Level 4 Personal Trainer who has over 12 years of experience. As well as sports massage for pre and post-event management, Antony can help with a range of postural conditions, back pain and rehabilitation.

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