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Virtual Stretching Classes

Antony is currently offering virtual stretching classes on Thursdays and Saturdays for only £10 per session. For more information or to book please email Antony and he will send you the link to join and discuss payment options.

Women Stretching
The Great Bentley Retreat is excited to be partnering with Body Active 8
 to help lead you to better health. 
Antony has over 14 years of experience in the health and fitness sector and is now offering group and personal one to one training sessions located in a privately owned gym which is a stones throw away from our lovely salon.
No gym membership needed, no crowds and all the equipment is on site. So what are you waiting for!? 
Antony still continues his role in offering a wide range of massage treatments here at the Retreat. 
For your convenience all appointments can be booked in the salon, over the phone or if you prefer via our online booking service*
*For real time availability please call the salon as some times may not be bookable using our on line portal 









Every person has different needs for fitness and wellbeing.

Personal Training will establish individual goals and targets to provide a service that is designed especially for you.

A tailor made service can be adapted to achieve the individuals fitness goals:-


Weight Loss                                           Better Shape

Muscle Gain                                           Increase Strength

Tone and Firm                                       Body Fat Reduction    

Improve Fitness                                   Improve on a Specific Sport

Increased Flexibility                           Better General Health


Help and advice with Diet and Nutrition will be offered to take you closer to your goals.


ONE TO ONE Exercise Sessions

Whatever your age, condition, or situation, exercise is important for your overall health and well being.

Tailored especially for you, one to one exercise sessions can offer improvements in a range of physical aspects.

An individual’s circumstances will always be taken into account, and our fitness professional will adapt exercise routines in order for you to achieve your goals. Low impact, gentle exercise throughout sessions will allow improvements in:-


Mobility                                Strength                              

Flexibility                             Fitness                                 

Range of Motion


50 Plus Scheme

- Specially designed fitness and mobility schemes 

- One to One sessions designed especially for you

- Group Sessions which are suitable for all


  • Gentle exercise to improve mobility and fitness

  • Low impact sessions to increase strength

  • Low impact sessions to increase bone density

  • Individual posture analysis

  • Improved range of motion and flexibility

  • Enhanced circulation through massage whether it be injury or physical illness

  • Seated exercises are also available, whether it be machine/or free weight. This will be based on the individuals needs.


  • Re-Enablement is available for those who have suffered illness or injury and have been off their feet for a while but want to get going again.

  • Weight Loss

  • An organised routine of diet and nutrition combined with a personal training fitness regime is a successful path to weight loss.

  • 8 to 12 week weight loss plans are important to help individuals with a stable balanced protein, carbohydrate, and natural fat plan.

  • 1 hour initial consultation allows the individual and health professional to discuss and understand realistic weight loss plans

  • Encouragement, motivation and support are given throughout.

old couple

Personal Training

Consultations -

30 Minutes to 1 Hour - £35.00

* Initial Consultation

* Sports Specific Consultation * Nutrition Consultation

* Weight Loss Consultation * Posture & Flexibility Analysis * Fitness Testing

Fitness and Exercise Sessions -

1 Hour - £40.00

* One to One Exercise Session

* TRX Exercise Session

* One to One Running Session (Includes Analysis)

* Core Stability or Core Strength Training Session

Personal Training -

Advanced Block Payment Schemes;

* 4 x 1hr Sessions - £130.00   (Saving of £30.00!)      

* 6 x 1hr Sessions - £200.00   (Saving of £40.00!)  

* 8 x 1hr Sessions - £275.00 Includes, 1 FREE 30min Fitness Review!  (Saving of £60!)

* 10x 1hr Sessions - £370.00  Includes, 1 FREE session of your choice!  (Saving of £70!)


Monthly review given every four weeks with each Advanced Payment Scheme


Group Class Sessions -

Available in 1 Hour Sessions 3 or More People - Starting from £10 PP

* Sport Specific Training Session   

* Running Clubs * Circuit Classes * Boot Camps

* Light Exercise/Mobility Classes * TRX Classes


Rehabilitation Sessions

Rehabilitation incorporates gentle exercises and appropriate treatments which can enhance the healing rate and provide vast improvements to strength, mobility and flexibility in a safe, structured tailor made format.

below for just some of the illness and injuries that Rehabilitation sessions can help with;

*  Joint Pain and injuries   * Pulled Muscles   * Whiplash 

 * Joint Alignment Correction    * RSI   * Sprains & Strains

 * Impingements   * Specific and Non Specific Back Pain  

 * Pre and Post Strengthening-Operation   *Pre and Post Natal   *Sports Injuries 

 * Tennis and Golfers Elbow * Reduced Mobility   * Slips and Falls

 * Spondylitis   


Rehabilitation highlights how all parts of the body work together and by treating one aspect, improvements to nearby areas will likely follow to create better general health. 

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