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Massage Care

Before your massage

  • For your comfort, it is best to empty your bladder before a massage session

  • Please remove all jewellery and glasses if you have them

  • Make your therapist aware if you wear contact lenses

  • Make your therapist aware if you have any serious medical conditions

During your massage

  • Lie down in the position as instructed, close your eyes and start to focus on your body

  • Be aware of your breathing and try to breathe deeply and rhythmically

  • Focus your attention on the touch and rhythm used by the therapist

  • Allow your body to go limp and allow the therapist to move you around themselves. Try not to tense up when you are being treated

  • If you find a specific motion relaxing or if you feel that the releasing of pressure points is too sensitive, make sure to tell your therapist 

After your massage

  • Ensure you have a good intake of water during the six hour period after the massage

  • If you are a smoker, try not to smoke for at least a couple of hours after the massage

  • Try not to drink any form of alcohol for at least 24 hours after the massage to receive full benefit

  • If you are going to eat soon after the massage, opt for lighter food and go easy on meat products, and spices as well as oily and creamy foods

Long-term factors to consider

  • Reducing salt intake will reduce high blood pressure

  • Cut down on smoking. If you continue to smoke, it is advised that you also take vitamins C and E. This will help counteract the free radicals in tobacco smoke that can cause cancer

  • Drinking hot water with lemon juice in the morning will aid digestion

  • Exercise for 20 minutes at least three times a week 

  • Make sure you're getting enough "me time". Taking time out to relax can be hugely beneficial to your wellbeing

  • Don't rush your food and make sure you eat regular meals to keep your energy levels on an even balance and to aid digestion

  • Make sure you're hydrated. Drinking two litres of water helps to remove toxins from the kidneys and keep the body hydrated.

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