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Male Grooming

Should you have any questions regarding pricing or regarding any treatments not listed or regarding any of our treatments and aftercare, please call or email us and we will be happy to advise you. 

We strongly advise for best results purchasing one of our waxing aftercare kits. This helps to ensure long lasting results and help prevent ingrown hairs. 



Upper Body Waxing


Back & Shoulders - £ 30

Chest & Shoulders - £30

Chest & Abs - £30




Forearms (inc Hands) - £30

Full Arms (inc Hands) - £30

Male Intimate Waxing


Buttocks - £20

Crack - £20

Buttocks and Crack - £35

Groin, Scrotum & Penis - £50

Groin, Scrotum, Penis, Buttocks & Crack £65

Hollywood (Back, Sack & Crack)  - £90

Small Areas

Ears - £10

Nostrils - £12

Eyebrows - £12.50

Other Treatments 

We offer a range of treatments such as facials, hand and foot care form as little as £20. Please see our other treatments that can be tailor made just for you. 

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Neck and Shoulder Massage
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