Holistic Therapy


Reflexology & Hot Stone Reflexology 

60 minutes £35 /40 

Reflexology acupressure point massage involves stimulating reflexes in the feet, which correspond with systems and organs in the body. Reflexology is renowned for its success in relieving congestion in organs, muscles and general stress-related conditions. It relieves tension throughout the body.

Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) 

60 minutes £40

This Specialised treatment stimulates the flow of the fluid (lymph) through the lymphatic system which can result in the reduction of swelling in the body

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Facial Reflexology

£35 for 45 minutes (with Julia only) 

Advance Facial Reflexology (Includes a 30 Minute signature facial) 

£50 75 Minutes 

Reflexology has all the benefits of traditional Reflexology and more. It is deeply relaxing with immediate well -being effects due to the closeness of the face to the brain and central nervous system. This treatment is perfect for those with sensitive feet. 

There are over 48 reflex points of the face which, when stimulated, can help the following.

* Improve blood circulation

* Improve Lymph flow throughout the entire body

* Improve circulation and verve supply to the skin

* Relieves muscle tension

* Releases toxins 

* Stimulates collagen and elastin helping to tighten and plump the skin leading to a more radiant glow. 

* Activate a direct response in the corresponding area of the body helping to encourage the body's natural ability to self heal. 

Zone-Face-Lift (1).jpg

Zone Face Lift 

£60 75- 90 minutes 

Renowned for removing as much as 10 years of ageing over the 12-week

programme, this treatment lifts the face and feeds the soul. The Zone Face Lift will leave you feeling utterly relaxed, with a smoother more contoured face to match.


Many women have reported this therapy has eliminated the need for Botox and feel much happier that they have a natural alternative to dermal fillers. Award winning facial reflexologist Ziggie Bergman developed this unique anti-ageing method after many years’ practicing Reflexology and studying with Native American shamans and healers in New Mexico. Julia received the training with Ziggie herself at Regents University in London.


Zone Face Lift incorporates Facial Reflexology, Facial Massage techniques, and a Holistic Facial (using wonderful organic and vegan products). The

special techniques along with beautiful tools made from clear quartz and jade are incorporated to sculpt and lift the face. This combination can result in a more contoured, fresher, clearer looking skin.


The Zone Face Lift has generated enormous press coverage,

Why not take a look at just some of these articles, by visiting


For the full benefit of Zone Face lift a

course of 12 treatments is recommended.

Call the salon for the latest offers available. 

Thermo Auricular therapy (Hopi Ear Candling)

£26 for 45 minutes (Including Consultation)

Hopi Ear Candles are special candles made of beeswax, honey and essential oils. One of these hollow candles is placed at the opening of the ear canal. The other end is lit, producing a gentle warm air flow that travels through the candle. This warm air creates a soothing vibration massage in the eardrum. The treatment is incredibly relaxing and soothing, and helps to balance the pressure in the ears. It also loosens ear wax, relieves earache and clears the sinuses. Also includes a relaxing facial massage.