Hand Treatments

Gel Polish Manicure

£27 (Colour )  £32 (French polish)  

£32 (Longer lasting top coat) £34 (French Polish)


*Additional Polygel or Nail split repairs will be charged an additional £2.50 per service. 

Artistic Colour Gloss / The Gel Bottle 

Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Colour is a soft gel system that applies like polish and gives 2-3 weeks of glossy, nail colour. Colour gloss can be thinly applied for a natural look, layered for bold colour and even mixed with one another for a customised service. The latest technology allows for the product to cure with Artistic Pro 30 LED Light in 30 seconds compared to the traditional UV light that cures product in 2 minutes. Damaging the nail with application or removal is also a thing of the past. Artistic Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Colour can be easily removed with Artistic Nail Product Remover in 10-12 minutes. This new technology wears without lifting, chipping or dulling. 

gell bottle .jpg

Gel Polish Removal

When having re-application (existing clients) -£6.50 

When having no polish re-application - £20

When removing polish from another salon £15

Removal of gel polish includes, cuticle work, file and shape with OPI Nail Envy Clear Shine or Gloss nail hardener to protect your bare nails.

Nail Art
Fun and unique designs available from £1 per nail
IBX Prescriptive Service

Initial treatment - £11.50

Bi-weekly treatments - £6.50   

This treatment is ideal if you have damaged of thinning nails, including if your nails have been affected by health problems.

Our IBX service is used to repair damage to the nails and get them back to a healthy condition. The treatment toughens the upper layers of the nail plate, encouraging the nail to grow. With multiple treatments, deep grooved will be filled, resulting in a smoother nail plate. Also, your natural nail colour will be visibly improved.

This treatment can also be combined with any manicure treatment. Please enquire when booking your treatment.

Traditional Manicures
Artistic Colour Revolution Nail Polish
Fall in love with Artistic Colour Revolution Nail Laquer, a three-step self cure system resulting in long lasting color and superior
shine. Unlike regular polish, Colour Revolution can last up to ten days thanks to the innovative Bonder Base and Top Coat. Combining the best features of a polish with the best features of gel, Artistic Nail Design have created a fully removable hybrid nail color with no LED light required, stain protection and a 5 free formulation.


Original Manicure £30
Includes nail and skin analysis, cleanse, cuticle work, buffing, nail cutting, shape and polish. 


Trim and Shape £15
Cutting and filing of the nails.