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Reflexology is a science that works on the principle that each organ/system within the body has a reflex point on one or both of the feet and hands. The therapist uses light pressure to work each of the points in the whole of the foot to remove energy blockages, disperse accumulations of calcium, stimulate blood circulation and promote healing of body, mind and spirit rather than a diagnosis or set of symptoms. Reflexology may help promote feelings of calm and wellbeing that in turn may help to reduce stress, balance the body and invoke a positive outlook.


Some clients book a regular weekly or monthly session as a preventative measure, to keep their systems balanced and their body in good working order.


Reflexology can be immensely beneficial for:


  • stress, anxiety and tension

  • migraines

  • fertility issues and trying to conceive

  • digestive disorders

  • back pain and many other conditions

  • ​feelings of deep relaxation

  • improved mood

  • improved sleep

  • a general sense of health and wellbeing


Reflexology is often used alongside conventional care in hospices, hospitals and other healthcare settings. 


​We recommend you drink plenty of water to gain maximum benefit from your treatment in the hours immediately after your treatment. 


Avoid alcohol and tobacco for at least 24 hours after treatment. 


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