Footlogix Peeling Skin Formula 125ML is effective in treating peeling skin associated with clammy feet and Athlete’s foot.


Footlogix is the world’s first and only Pediceutical Mousse Foot Care line made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Using Derma Infusion Technology, along with its scientific formulation, to activate ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into the trouble skin of the feet. Transformational results that penetrate into the layers of the epidermis, for truly transformational foot-care.


  • Ideal for the protection and care of skin prone to fungal infections.
  • Containing an effective anti-fungal agent, this formula provides relief of peeling skin and itching on the soles of the feet and between the toes, resulting from Athlete's Foot or fungal infections.
  • Contains no moisturisers or no urea.
  • Includes CoQ10 – an anti-ageing ingredient that strengthens the skin and fights free radicals.


  • Component Name:

    23593-75-1 1 % Clotrimazole

    68476-86-8 < 10 % Aeron NP-46 [Weight %: n-Butane (74.14%) / Propane (25.86%)]

    N/A > 90 % Other Non-Hazardous Ingredients

    Comments: Hazardous ingredients are listed if they comprise  1.0% by weight. "Special Hazardous Substances or

    Carcinogens" are listed if they comprise  0.1% by weight.